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Ice Skating

This is the most recent project I have been working on, alongside my fellow colleague. The idea behind this was to create a low poly animation. Here I was involved in texture the characters as well as setting the lighting to show the passage of time. From mid-winter morning to low sunset evening.


In the video, you can see the progression of how the scenes have development. Below you are a few images of the development for this project.

Lighting & Textures

These images are from a couple of different projects. Here I have been focusing on particle affects, texturing and lighting.


The underwater scene is focused on the lighting and the movement of the water. While the mountain scen shows off the lighting effects from the lightning. And finally the snow scene again shows the use of particle affects and lighting.

The client Mustard TV's brief was to create a sting that they could air in between their programmes. We have therefore developed a sting designed to be played before their 3 Up Front programme.  Working alongside fellow student Jack Long, we created this Foosball sting, the idea behind it was to create an original 3D sting based around football, seeing as this is a big part of Norwich and Norfolk.


The above photos, demenstrate how I have created the textures and come to the final look. They all start out the same and then given textures, then over the top of that is more effects, giving the final piece a better and more professional finish.

Mustard TV Sting

The Three Little Pigs

This group project was to take a classic fairytale or nursery rhyme and create an animation for it.


Working along side my fellow students, we developed an animation for the Three Little Pigs, with each one of us animating a scene and bringing them altogehter. Along side animating the wooden house scene, I also texture the chracters and scenary.

BBC Project

The BBC Project was to animate to an audio of real people's stories.


Our story is of an elderly couple, named Dusty and Margeret, discussing how they wresteld with their faith about their sexuality. 


On this project I heavily focused on texturing the models produced by others in the group, along with animating the final scene, this was quite the learning curve, especially using bump mapping.